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Four young men in a combined half-face portrait

Salt and the Choppers is a Canadian pop/rock band of four songwriter/musicians from eastern Canada. Their music is a unique synthesis of such diverse classic era pop, rock, and jazz influences such as Steely Dan, The Band, Jimi Hendrix, and of course The Beatles. Emanating from four separate writers, their diverse catalogue includes everything from energetic raw rock, through infectious pop, to dreamy, distilled poetic gems. The unique blend of these four multi-instrumentalists is characterized by lush layered harmonies and a signature instrumental style that sticks to your ribs.

Keep It Down

New album OUT!

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Love Don’t Come Easy Anymore * Flounder * It’s a Wonderful Life * Sing Out

More and More * Common Sense * Love’s Up to You * Time with You Tonight * I and You * Hometown Boys * All We’ve Got Forever * You Only * Heroes of Love * Say You Love Me * For Paralyzed

Canadian rock band

Salt and the Choppers

is proud to offer their first full length album titled Keep It Down.

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Man playing drums.
James Malcolm

Drums, Keys, Vocals

Man playing bass guitar.
Michael Maxwell

Bass, Keys, Guitar, Vocals

Man playing electric guitar.
Robert Morgan

Guitar, Bass, Keys, Vocals

Man playing electric guitar.
David Round

Guitar, Bass, Keys, Drums, Vocals

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